Long ago that our "courses" are not traditional, that is, they have no schedule or start date or cost because our hobby is as complex and as varied as there are hobbyists.
         What we do with very good results for more than 18 years ago is a "personalized course" to our customers, this is for example, when someone buys a kit to build a dollhouse, we offer you a CD with a workshop containing our recommendations for assembly, painting, wallpapering and electrification of dollhouses.
          If you are buying are accessories to enhance the completion of your furniture, we explain and show at the time, polishing techniques or hardware placement, etc.
          In our store we always see books and magazines and hundreds of photographs of our work and our customers-help and guide students who are just beginning in this hobby.
          Our proposal is to "accompany" our clients in their projects along the same, sharing our experience and enthusiasm for the hobby.
          When our client-student lives away from our shop or can not come to visit us, we usually manage on eMail with aids, comments and photos, according to the needs of each.